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    Quote Originally Posted by OldSchoolRanger View Post
    cephas - Thanks for the link, but I have the Lee reloading manual, and quite a few others. I was trying to get this information together for my nephew who is just getting into reloading. He doesn't live close enough to me to drive over every time he has a question. That's why I wanted a copy of the load data sheet that comes with the Lee 3 die set. It specifically has powders, bullet weights, and dipper info, plus starting and max loads, for the 223Rem.

    I'm hoping one of the guys who reload using Lee dies, might still have the original sheet that came with their dies, then I could get a copy of it to give my nephew along with the dies. Anyways, thanks again.
    If your nephew has a phone, go to hogdons website and look up rifle load data. Lee pretty much parrots hogdons data

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    Default Re: LEE IS CRAP

    I skipped ahead, but one guy said Lee's crimp dies were good. They are the best. Try crimping with RCBS sometime. I have bought Lee dies for really odd calibers right off the shelf that others listed as "Special order", and were "Special priced". Lee is OK by me.

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