I picked up a new in the box Ruger 2245 MK IV Lite. It is the "bronze" colored one. It had a 4 serial number prefix but had the safety recall fixed from the gun shop. It's my third MK series pistol. I have a MK II and MK III target model. I ran 50 rounds of CCI standard velocity through it and got it sighted in at 15 yards using the equipped iron sights. Windage was perfect. I needed to raise the point of impact an inch or two. After getting it sighted in, I tried some CCI mini mags with no issues. CCI quiets would not function the bolt. I then screwed on a Silencerco Sparrow suppressor. The point of impact was affected very little. The standard velocity lead rounds are nice and quiet and run reliably. No functioning issues whatsoever. The mini mags were noticeably louder, but still safe without hearing protection. The CCI quiets were obviously the most quiet but required manual cycling. All in all, I probably ran 200 rounds through the pistol with no malfunctions. Groups were what I would expect from CCI ammo and iron sights. While it wasn't a selling point for me, the one button takedown made cleaning the bolt face, extractor and feed ramp a snap. I would recommend this pistol to anyone looking for something different or a pistol with a factory threaded barrel. I am now in the market for a "cheap" red dot sight to mount on the included rail. A Trijicon, Leupold etc...just isn't needed for this pistol. A Burris is probably a little higher end than I am willing to spend at this time, but at the same time, don't want something that costs $40. I was thinking about trying the Bushnell First Strike.


Anyone have any experience with this red dot? The price is right and I like the mount. 5MOA dot will be good for this pistol's intended purpose which is shooting some steel and pop cans.