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    Default Kel-Tec Sub 2000 9mm (Beretta mags) and a 92FS in a home made box.

    A 9 mil Sub 2000 certainly wasn't a grail gun for me but when I ran into a 40 caliber version last week it did prompt me to make a few calls. I'm in Lancaster and every shop in my area chuckled when I called asking if they had one in stock. My go to even called all her distributors and was told they haven't seen one in months. It seems this rifle configured for Glock mags has a waiting list at two of my local shops. I found it in 40 at two locations but it wasn't until I acted on a tip from fellow PAFOA member Ronin that I found a stash of 9mm at Tanners in Bucks county. They normally would be too far away for me to drive for a plinker but since I am still recovering from a bilateral hip surgery the three hour round trip was a welcome change. They had four versions available. The holy Grail Glock variant was not to be found but they did have ones that took Beretta magazines in both 9 mm and 40 caliber as well as Smith And Wesson M and P 9s and 40s. Obviously I called first and had made up my mind on the Beretta version since I have two 92's with at least a dozen magazines for them including a couple 20 rounders. Originally I looked at this as settling a bit since I did originally want the Glock version but then I realized with a simple part swap they will accept Sig 226 magazines which I also have several of. All it is is a magazine catch plate which lists for $12.50 on Kel-Tecs website. The version or the rifle I bought is listed as multi-mag and plates are available for CZ75, S&W 5906, M&Ps and a few more. I honestly did not know that when I bought the rifle so it is a definate plus since I have three pistols that it can be configured for. I know it's an awful lot of rambling for a $365 rifle but it's the first new gun I've bought in a while and I do find it rather interesting.
    As far as the wooden box in the photo goes it's something I made out of some scrap wood and varnish. All I had to buy was the latches and carrying handle, luckily I had a piece of piano hinge to work with. The padding is actually a cut off from a queen size mattress topper we bought for my daughters full-size bed. My wife thought I was crazy at the time for saving it but I knew it would come in handy for something. I originally intended it to carry four full-size pistols to the range but honestly can't remember a time when I used it.
    If anyone reading this is interested in the Kel-Tec Sub 2000 at the time of this post there is one 40 caliber version that accepts Glock 22 magazines at both Kinseys and Smithgalls in Lancaster County and Tanners in Bucks County still has all four versions I listed above.

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    Default Re: Kel-Tec Sub 2000 9mm (Beretta mags) and a 92FS in a home made box.

    Congratulations on your new piece. Tanner's is a great shop. I want one too, but other guns keep getting in the way. I believe The Bunker Gun Shop in Warminster has some in stock, also.
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    Default Re: Kel-Tec Sub 2000 9mm (Beretta mags) and a 92FS in a home made box.

    sweet - congrats. enjoy them. the sub is a great little gun for sure!
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