Whenever there are events like Sandy Hook and most recently Las Vegas and talk of bans coming from the government there are members here that will try to capitalize on that. This is not against the rules of the forum, but what is against the rules is commenting upon those classified ads. This rule is still in effect:

Price Commentary (10 points, Expires in 1 month)
If you think a seller is asking too much for an item, don't look at it, someone else might think it's a great deal. The market will take care of everything, just as it has for thousands of years.

Note: Posting replies is now completely disabled in the Classifieds system (except for feedback and group buy sections.) However, these rules are still in force in the event that someone re-posts a members classifieds add for the purpose of circumventing the posting restriction. So do not comment on peoples ads by re-posting them in another section of the board, or by using the rep system.
Price commentary isn't allowed in the public forum, in private messages, nor in the post reputation system. If you don't like the price listed don't buy it. This is your only warning, any future classified commentary in the post reputation system will be given infractions.

Anyone that has received negative rep for a classified ad in regards to prices (this will include blank negative rep given), contact the staff to have it resolved, do not retaliate via PM or Post Rep.

Thank you.