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    Default Re: Financial Judgment on Pennsylvania State Police for Violating Second Amendment Ri

    Quote Originally Posted by ImminentDanger View Post
    The taxpayers have continued to allow their employees (the PSP) to violate the rights of the citizens of Pennsylvania....
    I have not allowed them to do shit. I didn't hire them. I had no say in hiring them. I didn't even have a say in the hiring of the person who hired them. Furthermore, I have no say in getting rid of them either. I cannot set policy. I cannot enforce policy. I'm not even informed of the policy. You can argue about "my representatives that I elected" all you want to, but the guy I voted for may not even be in office, and even if he is, the connection between "the guy I voted for" and "allowing the employees to XXX" is so laughably tenuous that it is unimaginable to think that "the taxpayers" have any meaningful ability to "allow" or "not allow" the state's employees to do ANYTHING.

    The only way you're going to have any accountability is to hold the employees who commit wrong-doing to be personally responsible for their actions - barring that - then the appropriate elected official to be personally liable for those actions. Otherwise, you just end up punishing the taxpayers, who have no meaningful control over the wrong-doing, and accomplishes absolutely nothing.

    If you want freedom and control lodged in the hands of the citizens...
    I don't. Most of them have absolutely no business having any say at all in how government should operate. Most of them don't even know how it operates anyway.

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    Default Re: Financial Judgment on Pennsylvania State Police for Violating Second Amendment Ri

    We really need to be able to sue lawbreaking cops and other public officials personally.

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    Default Re: Financial Judgment on Pennsylvania State Police for Violating Second Amendment Ri

    I recall that many years ago, in order to sue it, the Commonwealth had to consent to be sued. I guess it was under certain circumstances and maybe that's changed?

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