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    Default Re: Beaver run security officers what exactly are their powers?

    That too is possible and what I was thinking if they are actually filing the charges . But the whole "I'm taking your fishing /hunting stuff(gun) " is simply absurd for a trespassing citation . Sounds very unprofessional if they don't have the authority to just throw out a hollow threat . IMO if your not putting me in cuffs and taking me to the district justice your NOT gonna take even so much as a sinker or hook let alone a firearm from anyone .

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    Default Re: Beaver run security officers what exactly are their powers?

    I lived near there from 1979 through 1997. There were always wonderful stories about Beaver Run and the size of the bass, etc. Much of it was folklore that was passed on "around the campfire."

    It sounds like the tradition continues.

    "The best way to end up mediocre is via tiny compromises."

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    Default Re: Beaver run security officers what exactly are their powers?

    My uncle took a bunch of us there over 40 years ago, and we were run off for feeding the ducks.
    Another uncle has in-laws with land bordering the property. Never had a problem deer hunting way out on the back side.
    Wonder if the gator released there a few years back is still patrolling the waters?!?

    Was talking to a local volunteer firefighter few years back...they are prohibited from the gas well sites...except when the incidents
    get out of hand for the drillers crews.

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    Default Re: Beaver run security officers what exactly are their powers?

    Quote Originally Posted by Emptymag View Post
    I was just going to say that Animal Friends (animal shelter) has a few humane police officers that I believe are "deputized" which I assume gives them arrest powers. They are also armed.
    Humane Police officers are full police officers for all humane issues. Not they are not deputized. They have full police authority concerning humane issues for all animals. Humane officers can be armed if they have Act 120, Act 2 or Act 235, or any other firearms training accepted by the State Police Commissioner.

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