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    Default Re: Las Vegas Shooters Motive???

    Quote Originally Posted by tacticalreload View Post
    You're quoting a Youtube comment from a guy that has 4 subscribers and no videos? Color me convinced now!

    If you hunt around on the internet long enough, you probably can find someone who said that the shooter was a leprechaun that was planted here by giant space dolphins to end the tourism industry in Las Vegas so they can turn the desert into an interplanetary vacation resort.

    Considering that the only "proof" that we have quite a number of days after the shooting that this has anything to do with ISIS is coming from the Alex Jones type people and NOT from the government or the MSM, I'm fairly certain that your assessment is ridiculous. And which is it? That the MSM is filled with leftist socialists who protect Muslim extremists or the MSM is working secretly with the Feds to move toward governmental fascism?

    Geez, you people. Sometimes a duck is just a duck.

    So he was a duck??.........


    ...and today was the OPENING DAY OF DUCK SEASON!!!!!!!!

    (or was it wabbitt season?)
    "How feeble is the mindset to accept defenselessnes."

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    Default Re: Las Vegas Shooters Motive???

    Quote Originally Posted by tacticalreload View Post
    Bump stocks will be illegal by then so there is no possible way that this could happen again. I think I heard that Wayne LaPierre said so.

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    Default Re: Las Vegas Shooters Motive???

    I still would like to know how learning Paddock's reasons would be useable in the future. When I say useable, I mean developed countermeasures preventing or attenuating similar crimes and not bullshit laws affecting gun owners who had nothing to do with mass shootings and never would.
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