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    Default New Macungie resident looking for a place to shoot

    As per the title, I recently moved to Lower Macungie and am looking for a place to shoot (and a sponsor if necessary).

    I primarily shoot rifle and pistol and wouldn't mind shooting something other than paper (cans, bottles, steel, etc).

    A bit of googling helped me find:

    • Alburtis Rod and Gun Club (5 Min)
    • Guthsville Rod and Gun Club (20 min)
    • Unami Fish and Game (20 min)
    • Topton (15 min)
    • Hereford (5 min)

    If there are any recommendations (or places to avoid) I'm all ears.

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    Default Re: New Macungie resident looking for a place to shoot

    If I lived in LM the place I would look most close to is Topton. Guthsville and Unami are good. Don't know anything about Alburtis or Hereford. I'm not a member of any of these clubs but shoot matches at them from time to time. Of the three I haven't been to Unami this year, the others at least twice. Check to see how far Pricetown Rifle and Pistol (In Fleetwood) is from you.

    But if Topton is in your range then that is good place. Of the several I mention I doubt that they will be very happy to have you shoot cans or bottles but legitimate steel plate targets should not be a problem. There are however numerous gun clubs in this area so if shooting at cans is your thing you can probably find something.

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    Default Re: New Macungie resident looking for a place to shoot

    guthsville great gun club, alburtis great fishing and hunting with a okay gun range i am a member of both.

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    Default Re: New Macungie resident looking for a place to shoot

    If you are willing to take the drive, University Rifle Club in Exeter is still taking members. They have steel out to 600 yards. You can look them up on Google. If you want more info PM me.
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