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    Default Re: Poll: Should a person be able to own a gun if they are the subject of a PFA?

    Quote Originally Posted by Marcus99 View Post
    I have no problem with a temporarily loss of gun, but as others have said, at some point there has to be some due process involved.

    Not just "some" due process, but trial, conviction, and imprisonment. Even then, only while you're serving your sentenance. Short of that, no way.

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    Default Re: Poll: Should a person be able to own a gun if they are the subject of a PFA?

    If I am correctly recalling, sometime around 1985 Pennsylvania law dictated that an officer responding to a domestic disturbance must arrest and take away the subject accused of assault if anything seems to support the claim. Obviously, one partner can tear their clothing and claim the other did it during their struggle to avoid physical contact, or slap themselves on the cheek, making the cheek reddish upon arrival of police.

    Police did not like this law but were law enforcers and there you go. PFA's are issued too easily, based on even less evidence. If the obtainer of the PFA is exaggerating (possibly on advice of their attorney) there is no process by which to prevent or discover it.

    Removing guns only slightly reduces the (potential) killer's manner of inflicting harm. No one is removing the kitchen knives (yet). Or the baseball bat. The hammer.

    Unfair, unconstitutional idiocy.

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    Default Re: Poll: Should a person be able to own a gun if they are the subject of a PFA?

    I thought that bullshit was going to happen to me. I moved all my guns to a storage unit which I paid cash for. They can suck it. Luckily it didn't happen.
    "Take the guns first, then worry about due process" Trump

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    Default Re: Poll: Should a person be able to own a gun if they are the subject of a PFA?

    This happened to a "friend" of mine, by an ex girlfriend (who was a gun owner in her own right) in the state of MASS. She went to the police and made up a story a month after he ended the relationship, moved away, and refused to see her again. It turns out two police depts told her to get lost because her story didn't add up but she went to a third town and this time they gave her one. My "friend" was ordered to surrender everything. Luckily they lived in a Green town and the police informed him of what he could do to keep his collection out of state hands. Ended up paying a small fee to an FFL that we all had a good rapport with. This FFL took possession and held them indefinitely while the legal matter ran its course. The dealer's response was that this happens to to his customers so often, he dedicates a portion of his warehouse to this task. The fee was very small and probably only covered travelling out to pick up the guns and take them back, he is a great guy. Took a long time to clear up but it ended well, it does not for many people. His lawyer stated that everyone around knows how much these laws are abused so this topic is not lost on many.

    I learned to have a good rapport with a trusted FFL, and a lawyer on retainer, and plan of action in case it ever happens to you. It isn't right at all but it still IS so may as well have a contingency. Doesn't matter if you are a hermit it doesn't have to be a love interest or be domestic.

    Just my .02

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