Found this on the BBC. Probably posted to fit their constant 'guns are bad' narrative. So many in the UK can't comprehend that the crazy yanks kill innocent animals all the time. Lost on them is the fact hunting remains a fundamental part of wilderness management and provides food to many in this great country.

Either way, rare opportunity if someone is interested.

Physically fit and a crack shot? Then the US National Park Service has a job for you... in the Grand Canyon.
It is seeking volunteers to help cull a herd of bison in the famous gorge, which it says are damaging park resources.
About 600 bison live in the area, but experts say that could hit 1,500 in a decade if their numbers are not controlled.
A lottery system will be used to choose the shooters.
The bison are owned by the state of Arizona, and are descended from animals brought there in the 1900s.
Environmentalists say they are stampeding over vegetation, causing soil erosion, and contaminating water sources - damaging the habitats of other species.