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    Default Re: Rep Cruz - HB 1771 - Gun Buyback Program

    Quote Originally Posted by 74_dart_sport View Post
    Well he should be the first in line to turn over his guns then. If he isn't then he is just a hypocrite.
    ''Tis good for thee, but not for me!"
    ~Democrat mantra
    No participation trophies 'round here...

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    Default Re: Rep Cruz - HB 1771 - Gun Buyback Program

    Yep, I bet all the criminals and gang bangers will just line up to sell their stolen "piece" or "heater" or whatever strange term they use.
    Another very very stupid politician with no common sense.

    I feel bad for the poor guns that get destroyed for no reason other than they could not get a good home with an American.

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    Default Re: Rep Cruz - HB 1771 - Gun Buyback Program

    While I don't agree with the premise for these programs, in my mind they do serve some purpose to ignorant folks. There is a lot of "Saturday night specials" and junk guns out there that really have little/no monetary value and reputable dealers will not touch them. These programs give people an easy way to dispose of them, and actually get something in return, without too much hassle. Do I think that gov. money should be spent on this, no. If this is where the anti's want to spend their money, to fund these programs, then I'm all for it. My father worked in law enforcement for many years and frequently they would get people coming into the station who wanted to get rid of guns and they had NO clue how to go about it, if there was legalities involved, etc... He would most often point them in the direction of some LGS, or sometimes meet them after work if it was something he was personally interested in, but many times it was just total junk.

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