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    Default Re: How to get DISARMED- This is what you never do!

    If you don't plan on pulling the trigger; don't pull the gun.

    Personally, just walk on by......
    Politics is war by other means.-qmcorps

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    Default Re: How to get DISARMED- This is what you never do!

    It is difficult to imagine greater stupidity than that of the guy with the gun in his bag.

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    Default Re: How to get DISARMED- This is what you never do!

    If ya don't know the facts ya just don't walk up and pull your gun on a gang. And ya don't keep your gun in a bag and put it back in after threatening a gang, guy's lucky he didn't get the shit kicked out of himself or shot with his own gun. It amazes me how stupid people are, probably a Joe Biden liberal, ya know, "if somebody is breaking in your house just take your shotgun out the back door and shoot it then the bad guy will run away."

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    Default Re: How to get DISARMED- This is what you never do!

    That made me laugh, for god's sake.
    New sheriff in town...oops, just got his ass handed to him.

    Looked like a regular old fist fight to me. I didn't see any deadly weapons.
    So I keep walking and mind my own business, maybe call 911 but it's probably all over by the time the police arrive so I'm not making the call.

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