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Thread: Rifle Shipping

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    Default Re: Rifle Shipping

    You guys need to think a little harder. Guns are shipped in their box, inside another box from wholesalers. None of the wholesalers ship things with REMINGTON/Ruger/Savage on the outside for obvious reasons(they write Kel-tec or Highpoint on them with a Sharpie)

    Swing by your local gun shop and ask them if they could give you some of the boxes instead of dealing with cutting them up and throwing them away. Im sure they keep some on hand to ship items back out or ones sold at online auctions. It may take a bit more bubble wrap to cover the extra space from the box-in-a-box thing going on, but its an easy cheap solution.
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    Default Re: Rifle Shipping

    People are just plain lazy as it's no more difficult to ship a long arm then it is to try to arrange a FTF with the buyer. I've bought and sold a lot over the years and I never had an issue shipping a long arm to a PA resident. I don't ship to an FFL as it's not required by law.

    Heck most folks don't even know that you are able to ship to a long arm directly to another PA resident.

    I keep every firearm box as it would make things easier if I end up selling the firearm.

    End of the day, how badly do you want to sell your firearm? If you want to sell it, you will need to be accommodating and ship that bad boy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aubie515 View Post
    People are just plain lazy as it's no more difficult to ship a long arm then it is to try to arrange a FTF with the buyer.
    Absolutely. I've sold and shipped dozens of rifles and it's really not that hard. Your local FFL or Dunhams type store probably has piles of boxes they'd give you for free. Old newspaper works for padding if you must or buy a roll of bubble wrap big enough for 5 rifles at Sam's for $15.

    Moot point for me as I keep boxes and packing material so there's no additional cost.

    I have to admit to laughing at WTS ads from eastern PA that have been bumped 10 times and where I would have loved to buy but the seller says "will not ship" as if it's such an inconvenience. USPS, UPS, FedEx are all options so there are tons of drop off locations open all sorts of hours. But if a seller is not willing to ship, he/she doesn't want to sell that badly.

    Now if a seller only wants to ship to an FFL or only do a remote deal with an established member, fine. But a blanket "will not ship" tells me a lot about the desire to sell.

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    Default Re: Rifle Shipping

    I have boxes I bought from Uline just for shipping long guns if need be and rifle stocks.
    Under $60 delivered for 15 brand new heavy boxes that are the right size for shipping long guns.

    Do I ship?

    Do I like doing so?

    The FFL process is usually the first pain in the ass.
    They either won't accept a gun from a non-ffl or want way too much personal information.
    I send a copy of my LCTF, not my drivers license, many get pissy over this, they claim they need a copy of my drivers license for their books and then I call bullshit on them. Their book requires a name and address if not a licensee, it says squat about a drivers license.

    After the hassle of the ffl comes the shipping fee argument.
    Most people don't ship long items so they can't understand that anything over 48" costs a lot to ship.
    (Breaking down a long gun can dramatically lower shipping rates)

    After the back and forth over shipping comes insurance.
    I pay for insurance as I feel it's my responsibility to make sure the buyer gets their item I am selling them and if they don't I owe them a refund.
    But even with insurance I get to worry about their gun making it to them.

    Then we have the receiving dealer.
    I've been called/emailed more than once because a know it all dealer wants to argue about my make and model I typed out on the bill of sale I include in the box.
    I usually tell them to write whatever they want in their book, why do I care?

    Then after all that, you may get to deal with a buyer who didn't see something in the 25 pictures I posted and wants to argue about the condition.
    This is a rarity for me but it has happened and it's really tiring to have to deal with this shit.

    So that's some reasons people don't like shipping.
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    Default Re: Rifle Shipping

    Box to ship a rifle?

    Guitar shop.
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