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    Default Re: Fix a hole in an AK 47 barrel

    Just re-barrel it bubba.

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    Default Re: Fix a hole in an AK 47 barrel

    Quote Originally Posted by sneakers View Post

    I guess the alternative would be to just make it an SBR since its at about 15 inches down the barrel.

    Thoughts and suggestions?
    Why don't you just cut the barrel? If the barrel is shorter than 16" can you find a flash suppressor long enough that you could have it permanently brazed or affixed on to make your barrel the required 16"? I don't recall if the flash suppressor is considered part of the barrel for "legal length" but if it's permanent, there's a little voice in my head that says "maybe....but look it up."

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    Default Re: Fix a hole in an AK 47 barrel

    Do not mig the holes , a tig welder to spot those holes in would work fine and has been done thousands of times on rifle barrels with no effect. Talk to your smith ( who does tig work) and he will agree , hope it helps.

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    Default Re: Fix a hole in an AK 47 barrel

    Thread it and put a barrel filler screw in it.

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