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    Quote Originally Posted by Noah_Zark View Post
    I believe Rock Island was referring to a "sticky Wanad" which could be misinterpreted as a sexual innuendo or a nickname of some nether region body part, modified by the descriptive adjective "sticky."

    This was also the moniker for an aerial maneuver by South African pilots facing the Italians in East Africa, circa 1940-1941. While hard to describe, it involved grabbing the stick and violently pulling back, then rudely thrusting forward.
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    Default Re: The case of the sticky Wanad

    Something to improve even further: have you tried a heavy treatment of Froglube or Seal 1? I've noticed on several guns (most notably pocket guns) that it makes them a lot easier to work.
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    Default Re: The case of the sticky Wanad

    Small patch of grip tape on the rear sides of the slide. It makes 18 pounds feel like 6. File the sharpness off of the tape. It is too aggressive and sharp as it comes.

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    I was thinking about something like that. Now it really isn't that bad anymore. But still definitely heavier pull than most.

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