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    Question K31 - mounting scope - unique mounting technique - removable - clamp mounted

    I've been trying to figure out the best way for me to mount a scope on this gun as I want to use it for target practice (distance). I don't want to permanently modify it (drilling holes) and am not keen on the options available for the NDT scope mounts (they put the scope in odd positions and they are kind of pricey & for what I need, I'm not keen on spending $$ on this project). So I had to come up with my own option for this.

    I have a piece of aluminium that was used to clamp a pipe of some kind (maybe 2" diam) and it fits perfectly just ahead of the chamber. The curve/arc of the chamber fits this piece of aluminium perfectly and I can mount a scope rail on this piece. I plan on attaching some kind of clamp (think pipe/hose clamp) that will wrap underneath the stock and cinch/pull the mount very tightly down onto the rifle. The aluminium has some foam padding under it which keeps it from scratching anything and it really bonds/grabs the steel and doesn't slip at all, even with like 3-4lbs of pressure on it - so using a hose clamp, I should be able to tighten this down to 40-50+lbs easily - so it won't move when firing.

    With this option I can keep the iron sights on the gun where the NDT (no drill or tap) mounts require them to be removed (and it is a B!#CH to put back on!!). I can remove the scope easily with my option. I've come up with a way to "key" the rifle so I can put the mount on at the same spot/position each time with only a millimeter or so of error. IDK how much error this would translate to the scope/sighting and that is a major consideration before moving forward.

    The only thing this is going to cost me is the price of the mounting rail, so about $10, so if it doesn't work, not much lost, but I save about $90.

    The piece of aluminium is going to be trimmed, ground and sanded (about 60% material removed) and then the rail and clamp will be attached. My main questions are if anyone sees any major issues with this and whether the sighting will be a major issue when removing and re-attaching the mount/scope (like I said about +/-1mm difference right or left and front/back - IDK how much this will effect the sighting). New foam will be added to perfectly fill/fit the curves of the rife.

    Anyway, I'm interested in hearing any thoughts on this. I know it is very untraditional but I thought it would be fun to try and allow much more use for this rifle than I have now - and if this process works, it would be interesting to know that a clamp mounted scope system is an option!
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    Default Re: K31 - mounting scope - unique mounting technique - removable - clamp mounted

    Brownells sells a clamp on scope mount for about $85, and there are a few others.

    I have a K-31, and if I ever decide to mount a scope, I'm going with one of the factory mounts. Easy one, easy off.

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