Got picked, served. Believe me, it's an experience and a half.

Carried every day to and from the court house. Deputies at the entrance were unfazed.
  • Let them know you're carrying.
  • They wave you through the checkpoint to a small room adjacent thereto.
  • You then remove the gun in its holster from your belt, they check your LTCF, get a description (brand, model) and serial number, and you place it in a locker. They keep the key, but you get a number tag.
  • You then go back out and go through security properly like everyone else.
  • Comes exit time you let them know, they bring you into the room, you hand over your number tag, they open the lock box, you get your gun, and you exit the court house.

They only have three (3) lock boxes, with no clear idea of what to do if they get swamped by carriers.

But, the number of carriers is remarkably low. The log sheet I saw was only one third full, and four of the entries on it were mine (same gun every day so they didn't have to check the serial number every day). They might well go a full week or two without anyone carrying.

All in all, an inconvenience compared to some places I've read about, but much less than others.

Again, for the deputies, they were unfazed and totally professional throughout.