After the death of my Model 10 (note it is now in the loving care of S&W to see if it can be resurrected), my wife bought me a brand new S&W Model 67 for my birthday. Since then the gun has been breaking me in. This piece is in .38 Special +P (not .357 Magnum as the original iteration of 67s) and comes from the factory with a very nice set of 2 piece rubber stocks. In fact they're so nice they're every bit as comfortable as Hogue Monogrips. So it'll be a while (if ever) before I put a set of Hogue's Exotic wood stocks on them.

The fit and finish is typical of S&W, the adjustable rear sight and the red insert ramp front pretty much standard. As supplied it came with a frame mounted firing pin (I prefer the old hammer mounted) and it has the "new" S&W "safety lock", which I don't mind, but never use. So far I've only fired about 300 rounds through it, and I've switched back to Penn Bullets 158 gr. Lead Truncated Cone (actual wt. 162 gr) which will do just fine until I get a resupply of Coated bullets from Steel Valley. The trigger is pretty stiff double action compared to any of my other S&W revolvers is "terrible". Not smooth, staging areas are hard to find and pull is heavy. Unless someone can point me towards a competent revolver smith in Susco or Bradford County I foresee a trip to John Blauvelt's shop in Milford for an action job.

I shot our (Sayre Sportsmen's Club) August match with it 7 points down for the 4 stages. Accuracy is pretty good though I didn't really try to wring it out.