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    Default Antique Flintlock Pistol??

    I have acquired a Flintlock Pistol, which appears very old and most likely foreign.
    The only lettering on the pistol is --BVHMANN, just below this is not very clear but something like Afo/vly. I can not be sure of all the letters or marks. Before & after are three little marks like a sideways commas
    This is a smooth bore, maybe .58 or larger cal. The butt stock is wood with brass rear plate and a brass trigger guard, and a brass front sight.
    The barrel is 10" long and overall length is about 17".
    What I would like to know is how old is this pistol and where and when was it manufactured?

    Thanks for any information you may have. Dave

    Writing is as follows BVHMANN
    A7o/vl or r y or g

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    Default Re: Antique Flintlock Pistol??

    Maybe think of posting a picture or two? More well-focused pics are better than none - just sayin....

    Without attached photos, I'm pretty sure than the pistol is at least as old as your post. Beyond that, I just don't know...

    Based on your description, I'd be surprised if anyone was willing to pay more than $10...
    - bamboomaster

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    Default Re: Antique Flintlock Pistol??

    Pictures would help. Certain designs lend themselves to certain countries. You can tell a US design from a Turkish. A German from an English. etc, etc..
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    Default Re: Antique Flintlock Pistol??

    A third here! Need pictures to do much of anything.
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    Default Re: Antique Flintlock Pistol??

    The following pics are are needed:

    -Full length both sides to see overall shape and length. (putting a ruler next to one would be especially helpful to gauge size)

    -A close up of the lock and any markings.

    - A picture or pictures of any odd symbols or markings on the barrel (proofs which would aide in determining what country the pistol was made in and inspected it) Those sideways commas could be Belgian proof marks, but just the description you gave makes it impossible to say.

    What you have could be an antique, or just a well used replica. Lots of those types of pistols were made 40 years ago during the bicentennial celebrations. The replicas are easy enough to spot if you know what to look for, but without seeing it is impossible to say more.

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