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    Default FMK 9C1 G2 - Failure to Extract

    I'm sure many would have worked this out quicker than I did but I want to share in case there are some other dolts like me.

    I have a well used FMK 9C1 G2. I have about 4k to 5k rounds through it. I've had to replace the striker once (snapped off) and the front site twice (both times the factory plastic front site broke - replaced with a steel Glock 19 site with fiber insert).

    Recently I started having failure to extract issues. I completely disassembled the slide (including the extractor), cleaned and lubed everything. Still had intermittent extraction problems. The cases were not stuck in the chamber as I could just tilt the gun back and the brass would fall out.

    I ordered a new extractor and spring from FMK (they sent it for free). Installed the new extractor and the same issue. Once or twice per magazine it would fail to extract. After getting home and cleaning the gun if I put a snap cap in the chamber (with no magazine in the gun) and let the slide go home it would extract every time.

    I loaded 3 snap caps in the magazine (all I have) and slowly cycle the slide. On extracting the second snap cap I saw what was happening. The rim of the spent case would catch on the lip of the next case still in the magazine. The extractor would let go and the spent brass stayed in the gun. This would occur with both magazines I have (they are original to the gun).

    Two new magazines and problem solved. I guess the followers were worn just enough that occasionally a round would be in just the right spot to catch an ejecting piece of brass. I would think magazine first if I was having feeding issues but not extraction issues. Oh well - live and learn.

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    Default Re: FMK 9C1 G2 - Failure to Extract

    I know this is an old post, but I just picked up a new 9C1 at a gun bash. It was the first gun I've ever won at a bash. Yea for me right? Nope. Took it out yesterday and had 3 failure to extracts in only 2 mags fired. Sounds very similar to what you had. Spent brass isn't stuck. Just didn't extract. I will look at what you said you found. Though the gun and mags are brand new, it could be a tolerance issue with the height of next round in the mag. Thanks for this info. It gives me a place to start.

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