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    Default Swiss K31 Reloading

    Hi Everyone,

    anybody doing any reloading for the K31? if so what what do you use? any places you know for deals on brass or bullets would be appreciated also.

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    Default Re: Swiss K31 Reloading

    I use IMR-4350 and 150gr or 165gr Hornady bullets. Bullets are easy........being that they are .308 caliber. As for brass, I haven't looked in years as I bought a few hundred cases from Graf & Sons several years ago. Graf shows they have Norma and Prvi Partizan in stock.

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    Default Re: Swiss K31 Reloading

    If by chance you can't find 7.5 brass you can also use 284 win and neck it up to 30 cal in the sizer die , although it's probably harder to get . When I had mine a few yrs back I mainly used cast bullets and did rather well . Basiclly most powders that work well in the 30-06 will do well in the Swiss they have virtually the same case capacity in fact my older hogdon manual lists them together and says there interchangeable . But I always backed the Swiss loads off a bit .
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    Default Re: Swiss K31 Reloading

    You can always buy the PPU 7.5x55 ammo and reuse the cases :

    Or buy some Berdan primers (if you can find them) and reuse the Swiss surplus cases.

    Or convert the Berdan's to Boxer:
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