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    Default Re: Nj dems have 20 GC bills for new dem gov if elected

    Its cheaper to move out of state than run the gambit of taking the state to court.

    That, and a vast majority of NJ is IMO, brainwashed that only police need guns and that LEO will be there instantly when help is needed. More so than a vehement anti-2A mindset. But, Trenton is firmly entrenched with their mindsets, so not much is gonna change. The goverment and police have made the process to own a firearm so damn complicated that many don't bother, or just don't know how. And that really hurts the push for more pro 2A stuff.

    Currently on week three of waiting for a permission slip to buy a pistol. Hurray for NJ, where rights go to die.
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    Default Re: Nj dems have 20 GC bills for new dem gov if elected

    Here's another article about the democratic candidate's intentions on gun laws. To summarize; NJ gun buyers can say hello to a new gun tax, that is if they are still allowed to buy anything that goes bang.

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