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    Default Re: National Preemption

    When this passes, I just hope that with this responsibility, people will take it upon themselves to get educated with the laws, maintenance and use of their gun, along with some routine practice. After all, Constitutional rights do come with some least, that is what I hear from our forefathers when they would attend Sunday services with a little musket practice afterwards.
    The people......the people.... are the rightful masters of both congresses, and courts -- not to overthrow the constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert it.
    --Abraham Lincoln

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    Default Re: National Preemption

    Quote Originally Posted by Sparks View Post
    "There is a new piece of legislation that could significantly roll back the worst of these laws on the state level, in particular the laws that were put in place under the Obama administration. The Second Amendment Guarantee Act, which was recently proposed by New York Congressman Chris Collins, could prove to be the most significant attack on gun control laws that we’ve seen in generations."

    I don't think it will make it, at least this time. Might make NJ & CA wet themselves.
    They are not wetting themselves. Usually they know exactly what will happen before you and I know. I may be a naysayer but it seems that nothing substantial will be passed in the next 4 years relating to national reciprocity or laws like this. They already passed LEOSA so the cops were taken care of along with retirees. The pilots have a method to pack in airplanes so they been taken care of. But the citizenry who the 2ndAmendment speaks about with continue to be f-cked time and time again. And what happens is that when you have politicians (I will bring up Toomey since he is a perfect example) like Toomey who sacrifice your gun rights daily and y'all continue to vote for him as the lesser of evils so he knows he does not have to do anything to help you, this will continue. I supported Trump and he talks about gun rights at all his speech stops in blue collar America but honestly, I expect nothing from him whatsoever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tl_3237 View Post
    Realize that the proposed legislation (HR 3576) applies to long arms ONLY. It does nothing with respect to handguns and CCW reciprocity.
    I should have read the press release not just the article. I do not own a long gun or intend to buy one so it has no impact on me, but I think it is an effort to get state control over gun specifications under control. I just wish the Rebublicans who are sponsoring this bill and the national reciprocity bills would get their act together and write a comprehensive firearm act that would preempt state legislation. Being retired I travel around the country, and ever time I approach state line I have to refer to an app on my phone to see the rules of the state I am about to enter. Well at least there is an app, otherwise It would be worse mess.

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    Default Re: National Preemption

    this will never pass

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