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    Default Need Rugar LCP trigger spring modified

    Too hard to pull trigger on gun. Need to lighten spring but not affect the tension of spring hitting bullet. I read sometimes not all ammunition fires when this is done.

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    Default Re: Need Rugar LCP trigger spring modified

    I have the LCP Custom that has a Galloway Precision trigger in it. Very light and easy to pull. I've pulled the stock trigger and this one feels so much nicer, smooth easy pull and it's a wide trigger that just feels better on your finger. Only $45.

    While you're at is, swap out the recoil spring for a 13-pounder, it tames the recoil a lot. You have to also swap for a stainless steel guide rod with the spring upgrade though, but both parts are cheap and easy to do.

    All of those parts here:

    I bought the spring from Amazon for less.

    If you don't want to do the full trigger swap, they also make a spring that reduces trigger pull by 1.5 lbs.

    Between the trigger and the spring upgrades, mine is nice to shoot. Still kicks because of the tiny size, but the trigger pull and reduced recoil make it very shootable.
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