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    Default Springfield 1911 EMP 4" CCC - Extractor Cannot Be Removed

    Good morning.

    After owning my EMP 4" for just over a month, and this being my first 1911 style pistol, I decided this weekend to try a full disassembly and reassembly. Everything went fine until I tried to remove the extractor. It appears the extractor can be pulled out maybe 1/16" before the claw gets hung up on the breech face.

    When I spoke to Springfield customer service this morning, while they were polite, it wasn't a productive experience.

    First, they questioned why I was trying to remove it in the first place. I explained because removing and cleaning the extractor is listed on page 61 of the manual under Periodic Maintenance. The rep put me on hold, then came back and apologized as, according to her, she was not aware they "updated the manual."

    After confirming I was correct, the service rep spoke to technical support who advised I shouldn't have to remove the extractor very frequently. I said that's fine, but I should still be able to remove it. So I asked if they knew of a way to remove it without damaging the extractor or scratching the slide. Of course, they said no.

    I guess I have two questions:

    1. Is there anyone else with an EMP 4" CCC that can confirm whether this extractor thing is normal?
    2. Does anyone have a suggestion on how I may remove the extractor without damaging it or the slide?


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    Default Re: Springfield 1911 EMP 4" CCC - Extractor Cannot Be Removed

    This is not uncommon with 1911 pattern guns in 9mm. The hook of the extractor catches on the breech faces sharp edge. Just use a non-steel rod, punch, pick, dowel, etc. to push it outward as you pull the extractor out. You are correct to want to remove it for cleaning. Lots of gunk builds up under it and then causes failures to extract.
    JC Blauvelt Gunsmith,Inc.

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