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    Default Erie Insurance Secure Home policy. Gun related.

    Just a heads up my Insurance agent Emailed me today about this new policy for homeowners.

    It's your normal homeowners policy with some upgrades

    Criminal Defense Cost Reimbursement Defense of Persons or Property $25,000
    Sewer pipe drain back up $5,000
    Underground Service Line Coverage $25,000
    Equipment Breakdown up to $50,000
    Guns up to $3,000 per item maximum of $10,000.
    Identity Recovery and Fraud Reimbursement up to $25,000

    Remember all of the above you normally have to buy additional Insurance, for coverage.

    Just to give you an idea of the additional cost of this policy.

    They had my replacement cost on my home (structure) at $155K
    It was increased to $230K with this policy

    Bodily injury went from $300K to $500K.

    I went from an annual premium of $499 to $571 a total increase of $72 a year.

    BTW that's with a $500 deductible.

    That is a hell of a deal just with the addition of underground service line coverage.

    If your interested give an Erie Insurance Agent a call and get a quote for the ErieSecure® for your situation.

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    Default Re: Erie Insurance Secure Home policy. Gun related.

    Thanks. We have Erie homeowners ins. I'll have to check that out.
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    Default Re: Erie Insurance Secure Home policy. Gun related.

    Is this an HO5 policy?
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    Default Re: Erie Insurance Secure Home policy. Gun related.

    I have a thousand dollar deductible with a policy of 20gs for renters ins (erie)

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    Default Re: Erie Insurance Secure Home policy. Gun related.

    I love Erie. I have everything through them. Never had an issue and good pricing. Very willing to work with you as well.

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    Default Re: Erie Insurance Secure Home policy. Gun related.

    We have Erie for our home owners and when we went through a house fire a couple of years ago where almost the entire home was gutted, they were tremendous! There were numerous times when the restoration company tried screwing us and one call to our agent and everything was taken care of. They didn't fight us on anything even when the budget was increased on several big ticket items.

    I can't say enough good things about Erie Insurance. Do make sure you have replacement value for content as well or they basically give you 50% of what it's worth. I will check out the additional coverage ALS.
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    Default Re: Erie Insurance Secure Home policy. Gun related.

    I have Erie also. For more than 30 years so I'll be checking it out. I will say that never in all my years and many homes have I ever had to repair an underground service line from a utility. But West Penn and PPL are pushing their monthly service line insurances and ridicules monthly premiums for it! Water and sewer lines.....................yup! But not underground cable, phone or power! (I better find some good wood to knock on)!
    And once again, history repeats itself! Over and over again!

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