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    Default Col. Rex Applegate

    Who here uses point shooting as a part of there training.
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    Default Re: Col. Rex Applegate

    Not Rex Applegate, but I did go through an 8 week Rex Kwan Do program. Here is a short video.

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    Default Re: Col. Rex Applegate

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    Default Re: Col. Rex Applegate

    Col. Rex I dunno. I did once get to kiss Christina Applegate, and AFAIC she's a major-general.
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    Default Re: Col. Rex Applegate

    I had a copy of Kill Or Be Killed that I came upon when I was twelve years old. Gun magazines of the early 80's weren't what they are today; they actually had articles that provided you with information, history, strategies, and techniques. I read about Sykes, Fairbairn, and Applegate and what they had developed. They weren't the first to point shoot, but they were the first to develop it into a technique and teach it to armed professionals of the day.

    Of course I started to practice what I read! Armed with a semi Crossman BB pistol, I started point shooting at 5 feet. It is a lot easier and more accurate than most people realize; I eventually was shooting 2" groups at 10 yards into a standard BB trap in my basement.

    I was a little worried at first, so I started close and took my time, careful to not miss the trap and send an errant BB across the basement and strike something important like the washer or dryer. After a time, I just built my confidence and kept backing away from the trap until my back was against the far wall.

    I don't know why people poo-poo point shooting so much. It just takes knowledge and practice to produce a skill, just like using iron sights.

    I believe the picture you posted shows the more western version of point shooting, where you square yourself up and present against the target and fire from the hip. I liked Applegate's method- a slight crouch, pistol presented forward just under the line of sight for the iron sights and off hand thrust behind you. This presents a smaller frontal area to the target, and just seemed like a better way at the time.

    I know these techniques have fallen out of favor in the last few years, but I still practice point shooting from time to time. Only now I use a laser instead of BB's!

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