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    Default Re: NEED help with rifle shot gun

    Assuming you are now a Pa resident, the safest way to do this IMO is for your mom to come to Pa with the long guns and do a simple transfer at a PA FFL to you.
    I believe NYS still allows traditional long guns to be transferred among spouses and children. I would think your mom is now the legitimate owner of the guns in question and can lawfully transport them unloaded, yada, yada yada, for the purpose of a sale/transfer.

    Have your mom make a simple bill of sale and have her keep it in case the Gestapo come knocking some day.

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    Default Re: NEED help with rifle shot gun

    As a layman I would interpret this:

    (A) shall not preclude any person who lawfully acquires a firearm by bequest or intestate succession in a State other than his State of residence from transporting the firearm into or receiving it in that State
    as meaning the guns were included in a will that specifically bequeathed the guns to the OP, or the OP is "next-in-line" per NYS law to inherit them via intestate succession. Since the desire to leave the guns to the OP was only verbal, and the OP is a step-son and the deceased's wife is still alive it seems unlikely that either of these exceptions apply, and that some of the suggestions in this thread are bordering suggesting the OP commit a federal crime, however unlikely it would be that he would be caught.
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    Default Re: NEED help with rifle shot gun

    It sounds to me, since he has a P.A. residence now, that he is legal to "receive or transport the firearm to this state", Pennsylvania.
    Regarding proving ownership, isn't this only really a problem if the guns are reported stolen?
    I understand that the "line" of breaking the law is close....but has he really crossed that line?
    Are there documented precedents for this precise type of case available?

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