Check In 8:00-08:45AM
Register online now at Squads assignment preferences are first come first serve through the website so be sure to register early! Click the attached link
We are no longer allowing walk-in registration. We are requiring registration on
MANDATORY safety briefing 09:00AM
Shooting starts after safety briefing!
Cost to shoot is $20.00

Thanks to all who participated in yesterday's shoot and a special thanks to those who helped set up and tear down and RO the shoot. Here is the link to results on Practiscore. For stage results, click on the HTML Results button to view.

Please note that we have added divisions to our registration. The divisions and descriptions are as follows;
Unlimited - Optic on Pistol
Practical - Magnified Optic on Rifle
Factory - Non-magnified Optic on Rifle
Heavy Metal - .45ACP, .308, 12 gauge
PCC - Irons or Optics on Carbine Rifle
Rimfire Jr - 15 yrs or younger .22 caliber
Rimfire - 16 yrs or older .22 caliber
2 Gun - Rifle & Pistol only

Lunch will be available for $5.00 purchase at the shoot. You can prepay at registration.

Guns needed:
Center fire semi auto pistol or revolver, no magnum cartridges
Center fire semi auto magazine fed rifle, no larger than .308
Pump or semi auto shotgun

Up to 100 rounds Pistol
Up to 100 rounds Rifle
Up to 50 rounds Shotgun, no larger than 7 shot.

No steel core ammo permitted.
No Slide fire or any other type of bump fire stocks allowed, or pull/release(echo) triggers.

5 stages. No slings. No major/minor. Scoring is time plus. A zone hits or two shots are target for neutralization. Miss - 5 sec added. No shoot hit - 10 sec added.

Chamber flags are required for all long guns when not in use on the course. They sell them at the club for $3.00 a piece, 2 for $5.00 if you do not own any.