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    Default Re: Looking for a new powder for .223

    Quote Originally Posted by daschnoz View Post
    Just about any ball powder should meter well through a powder drop.
    For 223:
    - W748
    - BL-C2
    - Accurate 2230
    - H335
    - Ramshot TAC

    Those are some just off the top of my head. If you're loading blasting ammo, pick the powder that costs the least per round to load (dollar per grain * powder charge). It may not be the cheapest per pound, but if you're using a smaller charge for the same performance, it may actually be the more economical powder.
    Any of those listed will also do well in your 30-30 with cast bullets , I'm partial to AA 2230

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    Default Re: Looking for a new powder for .223

    I'm not a fan of H335, meters well but can give problems with hotter temps when your load was developed at cooler temperatures. Or hot barrels/chambers. I'm not sure I'd try TAC in the 30-30, from what I understand, TAC likes/works better with higher pressures (which the 30-30 ain't). I'd look at Reloder 7, IMR 4895 or possibly IMR 4320. The latter two are very short stick powders but measure very well in my Uniflow.

    My $0.02,


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    Default Re: Looking for a new powder for .223

    I've bounced back and forth with H335 and cfe223. I am done bouncing cfe223 has given me the most acurate and clean loads in both my ar and bolt.

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    Default Re: Looking for a new powder for .223

    I made the switch from Varget to CFE223 due to Varget not metering well.

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    Default Re: Looking for a new powder for .223

    I stopped at the store last night. They did not have TAC in stock but they did have CFE223.
    After I load and shoot some (probably not till after turkey season is over), I will report back.

    I still have some of the 4198 for my 30-30 plinking rounds.

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    Default Re: Looking for a new powder for .223

    What are you looking for accuracy wise. If its under an inch at 100 (and your rifle can do it too) there are some ball powders that are better than others. But you will have to experiment with all of them to find what works (and the other variables like bullet weight, design, and seating depth).

    If you will be happy with 1-2 inches get any ball powder with the appropriate burn rate, load right under max and and blast away. Ball powders meter great and you will not have "crunching" when you charge the case. Yes they can be more sensitive to temperature variations so don't use a max load if you are shooting in the desert or leave your ammo on the hood of your dash. And don't chronograph your load when it is 10 degrees outside.

    Other than that blast away and be happy.

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