Protective Shotgun

June 24th, 2017 (Sat.)
8:30 am to 6:30 pm


Washington County Tactical Range
West Alexander, PA


The 12 gauge shotgun is as American as apple pie. You can buy one at any sporting goods store, even in states with restrictive laws. Ammunition is cheap and plentiful.

But with the exception of hunter safety courses, trap, and sporting clays, most homeowners have no reference point for using shotguns for self defense and home protection.

Protective Shotgun teaches you to tame the recoil of these powerful weapons, and to keep their limited magazines topped off with buckshot or rifled slugs, depending on the threat.

Expect to see the following:

• risk briefing
• course and waiver paperwork
• risk mitigation and mindset
• situational awareness
• proper administrative gun handling
• mount and body alignment
• aiming and trigger control
• shot placement and weapon effects
• recoil management
• ammunition management
• ready positions
• engagement envelopes
• patterning and slug grouping
• follow through
• pressure testing

This is a 10 hour event starting at 8:30 am running until 6:30 pm with a (strict) 45 minute lunch break, and several smaller breaks.

You must be able-bodied and in good health. PSC events are both physically and mentally demanding with minimal down time.

You are expected to have a quality firearm. We recommend:

• Remington 870
• Beretta 1301T
• Benelli M2, M4

You will get the most out of this event by using a pump action shotgun - notably the Remington 870.

You are expected to have an adjusting two point sling, cargo pants or a dump pouch, and weapon lubricant. Other useful gear includes weapon-mounted shell carriers and kydex belt shell carriers. We recommend:

• Aridus Industries
• TacStar SideSaddle
• Esstac

Expected safety equipment includes ballistic eye protection, filtered hearing protection, gloves, and a tourniquet. We recommend:

• Howard Leight ISSAEE, MSA-Sordin
• SureFire Sonic Defenders
• North American Rescue C-A-T
• TacMed Solutions SOF®TT, SOF®TT-W

You must have several hundred rounds of factory ammunition.

"Birdshot" or "game loads" may make up the majority of your loadout, but bring at least 25 full power buckshot shells and 25 rifled slugs. Round counts are never exact - bring too much instead of not enough.

Pricing for Protective Shotgun is $200; additional fees apply depending upon facilities.