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    Default Applying for LTCF question (don't hate me please)

    Hey guys, hopefully applying for LTCF in northampton county.. Had 2 run ins with the law in my younger years for extremely stupid and minor things. 33 now, Had ARD for posessing a quarter of a joint 10 years ago, completed 1 month of ARD. Also got into a fight 9 years ago which i had the snot beat out of me pretty badly and involved me going to the hospital. Cop called me and told me to come in after i was stitched up and only gave me a citation for fighting and insinuating a fight, or something like that. Long story short those were my only two run ins with the law and i run the straight and narrow now. Recently landed a job hustling uber and pizza deliveries which has me going to pembroke just about evert night which is a little unsavory of a place for me.

    I also filled out a state police criminal background check and it came up clean, as shown here.

    My question of course is how much of a chance do i stand obtaining my lctf? Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Applying for LTCF question (don't hate me please)

    For the little fighting thing 9 years ago.... probably not a worry since it sounds like it was a slap on the wrist and the "check" you took seems to indicate youre clean. The joint? i don't think that would last past 10 years, and it also sounds like it was about as minimal as you can get for that type of offense.

    I have a co-worker who is 28 and was going through the same type of anxiety that you are regarding his LTCF. Late in high school he smashed a chair over the head of a kid who was taunting and provoking him. He faked a suicide attempt to make the issue into a mental health issue instead of a criminal one... at least that's what he said. Because of all that he was unsure about both being able to buy a handgun and also get a permit. Turned out in the end he got both without a hiccup. Bear in mind that the fight he was involved in happened when he was a minor. He is also diagnosed with bipolar disorder, but was never committed to any mental health facility because of it. The juvenile detention center he was at was also not considered a mental health facility even though it was obligatory. I believe the law does make the distinction that only being incarcerated in a mental health hospital involuntarily counts against your LTCF.

    If everything youve written here is accurate I think your application will be honored.
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