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    Default SWPA USPSA Videos

    I'll keep adding to this as the year goes on.

    Shot USPSA production division with my Glock 17 and I shot the new pistol caliber carbine division with my MP5 SBR. Had two matches this year placed second and third in production at the matches so I'm really happy with that. I need to do some more dry fire and hone some skills. Also need to stop shooting Alpha/Charlie on most targets and shoot Alpha/Alpha (both rounds in center area with highest points). This is my third year competing. Still C class because some poor classifiers are holding back my average score on those for awhile. Hopefully make B class this year.

    These videos on are my IG, hopefully these links work:

    Classifier at Clairton:

    Production highlights at Clairton:

    PCC highlights at Clairton:

    Production highlights at East Huntingdon (didn't video 2 stages):

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