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    Default Open carry harassment lawsuits starting to pay settlements!

    Last week we noted the as of yet undisclosed settlement in Gonzles, LA at

    Attached is a FOIA response (signature redacted for privacy) noting a recent $10,000 settlement of Dan Moore's claim against Norfolk, VA for irrational overexuberant policing of Dan's right to open carry. It looks like this settled before a formal complaint was filed, but I do not know for sure.

    We need to send this sort of stuff to local political leaders and make sure they know they are risking tax payer money if they don't get their police departments under control on the right to open carry.

    The good news is though that police are actually better informed on average than some might think - I have open carried hundreds of times in VA, PA, OH, NC, and KY without ever being stopped by police (though I did get a slight eye roll by a police officer one time in WalMart and I was eating at Champps in Reston, VA back in 2004 when the police were called and arrived to investigate but did not take any action).

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    Default Re: Open carry harassment lawsuits starting to pay settlements!

    Wow, Open Carry can pay with a good lawyer help, Excellent news

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    Default Re: Open carry harassment lawsuits starting to pay settlements!

    Soon we'll be seeing signs such as the following spring up throughout the neighborhoods:

    Part-time earning opportunities available in OC'ing... call now!
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    Default Re: Open carry harassment lawsuits starting to pay settlements!

    Great to see this! Thanks for the update.

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