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    Default Re: Pet Peeves when ordering guns or related items online

    My biggest gripe is when any seller ships ammo via Fedex requiring a signature. I'm not home during the day so normally I'd have it diverted and held at a local Fedex store and pick it up after work. Problem is that Fedex stores won't hold ammo for you. They refuse the shipment and send it back to the seller with no notice to you. I ordered 2k rounds of 5.56 from Primary Arms and it turned into a complete CF. The shipment got returned, one box got lost, the manager at the Fedex store was proudly aspiring to attain social justice warrior status, etc, etc... The one good thing about it was the way Primary Arms handled it. They were very understanding and shipped out a new order even before all of the original one came back to them. Didn't even charge me anything extra for the shipping.
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