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    Default Re: Remington Arms Lays Off 122 Workers

    Well, it's not just Remington in that conglomerate that is having issues, I've heard a lot of complaints about the Marlins that are being produced and even about AAC suppressors. Apparently when the conglomerate took over, it moved things around to different places and didn't take a lot of the long time employees with them (didn't even offer to let them move to the new locations to keep their jobs some reports say). I can say, from experience, when trying to deal with AAC they were (at least the feeling I got from talking to some of the new reps), at the very least, very ambivalent about wanting to help with problems or even give out information and I have a dealer account with them.
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    Default Re: Remington Arms Lays Off 122 Workers

    I think since Trump won you will be seeing a lot of this from many firearms companies. They all probably have warehouses full of stock
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    Default Re: Remington Arms Lays Off 122 Workers

    Quote Originally Posted by Gunsnwater View Post
    R51 is fixed. Handled poorly. RP9 just hit the market. I haven't heard bad things yet. Have you?
    There are plenty of reviews of the R51 having issues on the second release models. They are still hit and miss. Remington has been doing some shotty machine work and sometimes forgetting to install parts on their pistols, R51 is still a victim of that. I like the R51 design, they just need to let a company that can make a quality firearm (and do a good job machining the parts) make it.

    Remington has not been the only one to lay off this year and there will likely be more layoffs in the future. Happens when demand drops, just hurts more for companies that are managed poorly and/or make so so products.

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