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    Exclamation Charlie Dent (PA 15th District) telephone town hall Today (3/13/2017)

    From his office's email:
    Dear Friend:

    I will be holding a live Telephone Town Hall this evening between 5:10 and 6:10 PM.

    If you would like to participate during this Telephone Town Hall you may use this link to have the call streamed to your computer. You can participate by e-mailing a question through the link:

    Please understand that this call may be interrupted or cancelled due to unpredictable scheduling challenges like votes on the House floor. If it is cancelled, it will be rescheduled.

    I know many of you have strong concerns about the issues facing our community and country. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and opinions this evening.

    Thank you.

    Charlie Dent
    Charlie is known to be in favor of "common sense" firearms legislation and like all good party line representatives is more than comfortable with signing our rights away in the interest of "compromise". It would be nice to seem him pressed on his 2A stance by a large contingent of his constituents.

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    Default Re: Charlie Dent (PA 15th District) telephone town hall Today (3/13/2017)

    I've got some common sense gun legislation for him.
    Possessing a gun during a crime , go to jail for 5yrs!
    Use of gun in crime by prohibited person - 10yrs!
    Shoot someone - 15-25yrs.
    Kill someone - 25-life.
    I don't speak English , I talk American!

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    Default Re: Charlie Dent (PA 15th District) telephone town hall Today (3/13/2017)

    He's one of the biggest RHINO progressives in PA.

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    Default Re: Charlie Dent (PA 15th District) telephone town hall Today (3/13/2017)

    Yes and if charley gets bombarded with calls challenging his false narrative, the political hack will cut out for reasons of "unpredictable scheduling challenges".

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    Default Re: Charlie Dent (PA 15th District) telephone town hall Today (3/13/2017)

    And Charlie boy is co-sponsoring dems gun control with 2 other PA Republicans ( Costello and Meehan ). Light his office up and write Toomey and anyone else you can think of. PA Republicans caving on gun rights and supporting gun control is unacceptable! Traitors.
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