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    Default Loosing residency, non-resident permit??

    Hey guys, so I was born and raised in PA but over the last four years I've been going to college in Maine. I graduate this fall and took a job working in New Hampshire and will be changing my residency this June. New Hampshire is now Constitutional Carry which means that there is no permit for residents to obtain. I have had my resident PA carry permit for just over a year and a half now, and would like to get a non-resident permit to carry for times when I come home to visit family and such.

    -I have heard that Chester County does not issue non-resident permits? If I went to the Lancaster county courthouse would I be able to apply for a non-resident permit? And what would I need as far as identification, I assume just my New Hampshire drivers license would suffice?
    -In addition, could I apply online? I will be home from Maine for a short period of time before I head back up to New Hampshire, but I'm curious if this is something I could do online, or do I have to be present for a picture.

    Any help or advice anyone could offer would be greatly appreciated! Thank you

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    Default Re: Loosing residency, non-resident permit??

    NH did just pass ConCarry, but there is still a permit that can be had. They even added an extra year to its duration.

    Your PA LTCF is good until it expires or is revoked. There is no difference between a "resident" and a "non resident" PA you don't need to do anything until it's time to renew. Being a NH resident resident without a NH permit could "technically" be grounds for revocation if Chester Sheriff wanted to.

    You can not renew PA by mail. You will have to come back to renew. You CAN obtain the NH permit by mail. You could easily have it before you move up there...then just change the address on NH. This would also satisfy the non resident requirements for keeping PA.

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