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    Default Re: Sportsman's Guide?

    I've been a customer since the catalogue only days. I've never had any issues with them, and they are pretty good with returns.

    You can find ammo cheaper elsewhere, but the sales and the email specials are on par with SG and Target Sports.

    Can't say if the buyers club would be worth it for you. It depends how much you'd purchase from them. The 4-pay plan is pretty nice.

    They just started selling guns about two years ago. Their prices have come down and most are very competitive. I got a 12ga Browning BPS for $379 before Christmas, and Browning had an additional $100 rebate.

    Try what JDA said. Go through the shopping cart without signing up first and they will usually give you a better incentive for joining the Buyers Club.

    Example of a good email deal: 250 rds of S&B .45 for $66.49

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    Default Re: Sportsman's Guide?

    I've yet to sign up since I always find as good/better pricing at other places without having to pay a membership fee.

    Target Sports is the place I find the better price probably 2/3 of the times, and I appreciate the 'free shipping' pricing so I don't have to consider shipping in cost. They're my 'go-to' most times. (Vast majority of my purchases are 9mm and .223 ammo)
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    Default Re: Sportsman's Guide?

    The buyers club is good for the 4 Pay option on more costly items.
    But remember, you are paying a fee for that in the form of membership plus you are still going to carry interest on the purchase if you don't pay off your balance monthly.

    The club does give you members only specials and even more frequent free shipping.
    But again, you are paying for a membership, so the "free" shipping isn't really free unless you buy enough to cover the initial cost of membership.

    One nice thing about SG is when they do the free shipping with no minimum purchase required.
    You can pick up one or two boxes of ammo this way.
    The ammo might be a buck or two more expensive than other places, but the free shipping negates that.

    I buy odd stuff that is rarely seen locally like .32acp, 7.62TOK, 7.65 Argentine, etc... when the free shipping is offered.
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    Default Re: Sportsman's Guide?

    Always had good luck with them. I wish they didn't cut back on reloading components, but I always was more than satisfied as to prices on projectiles and brass.

    Some of the "guide gear" branded stuff is nice. I wanted to expand my archery hunting options this year but couldn't afford other name brand stands in the quantity I wanted. I was able to get four stands with 20' of climb sticks that were of better than expected quality for around $400. Best thing is if they ever break guide gear has a life time warranty no questions asked.

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    Default Re: Sportsman's Guide?

    I have been a member for 4 years or so. Never pay shipping, always a code. Love them.
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    Default Re: Sportsman's Guide?

    I've never had any kind of problem with SG. I signed up for the buyers club at the end of last year and can imagine it has probably paid itself off but that's only because I bought a few big ticket items and was able to use 4-pay. I debate whether I'm going to renew when the time rolls around because I've been able to get most of the things I want and I know there are better prices out there for many of the things I truly need. I always stop there when shopping online for things but if their price isn't the best I can get, I don't order from them.

    Even though I realize why they try to standardize their sizing of foreign surplus clothing to US S, M, L sizes, I wish they would provide the overseas sizes as well. Countless complaints in reviews about people receiving things that ended up being too small. European sizing charts are available online for more information and the general consensus is that European sizes are always smaller than US sizes. It always feel like a shot in the dark with sizing clothing from overseas.

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