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    Default Re: New to Shooting Range, Questions about State Game Lands 203

    I was there three weeks ago. As I was setting up, there was a guy to my left shooting. The guy to his left was leaving; he picked up his rifle with one hand, pointed it toward the guy in the middle, and dry fired the rifle before he cased it. I have never before seen such a stupid thing happen. I almost crapped my pants because I was in line with everything that happened, I was so dumbfounded, I was at a loss for words.

    As the day went on, the range was busy, and I left without taking down my targets, but there was no other firearm stupidity that I saw. I don’t understand the clear command for making a range hot, it must be a SGL thing because I hear it at French Creek in Chester County, Scotia in Centre County, and at the Wexford range in Allegheny County.

    Sunday I went back early and there was a guy shooting rifle well before the time permitted for Sunday use. I asked him to not shoot early or we may lose Sunday range time like there is no hunting on Sunday, he stopped. To make up for my Saturday targets, on Sunday, I took down all the old targets on the rifle range and picked up trash in the impact area. I then went to the pistol range and did the same. There are two pistol ranges. A guy pulled in and started shooting on the range I just picked up while working in the other, again, well before the shooting time for a Sunday. I walked over and pointed to the sign that had the shooting hours on it and asked him not to ruin it for all of us. When the other four guys patiently waiting to use the range shook their heads in agreement, he packed up his kit and left.

    By the time I was done cleaning up, it was time to shoot so I went back to the rifle range for some 100 yard 22RF practice. Hardly a whisper of wind and only a few of us there so it was a good day to shoot.

    I think the Game Commission got screwed on the rifle range construction. There is drainage on both sides of the rifle ranges but the range is flat not crowned and the water ponds on the range making it a big mud hole. The benches are bolted to the concrete under the roof. If you want to shoot prone, you have to shoot from between the benches and shoot around the posts that hold up the roof. At Scotia, the benches are chained to the deck so you can move the bench to the rear while shooting prone. There is a rail nailed to the posts for the entire length of the firing line. This rail is in the way for shooting kneeling and sitting. At Scotia, there is no rail. Still, overall, a huge improvement over the old range at Wexford.

    As a side note, the PA Game Commission, I’m sure you all know, has raised the rounds in a rifle limit from 3 to 6. See the rules
    135.181. Rifle and handgun ranges.
    (b) (6) Load or discharge a firearm that contains more than six rounds of single projectile ammunition.

    I called the SE office and the nice lady confirmed that the rule was changed for rifles.

    The signage at Wexford still says 3 rounds for rifles.

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    Default Re: New to Shooting Range, Questions about State Game Lands 203

    I haven't been to the range since it was "reoriented". I'd like to get back and see what they did.

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    Default Re: New to Shooting Range, Questions about State Game Lands 203

    SIX rounds now?
    Sounds like they caved to the spray and pray crowd.

    Blood will run in the streets.
    This space for rent. EM needs new tires! LOL!

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    Default Re: New to Shooting Range, Questions about State Game Lands 203

    Quote Originally Posted by Emptymag View Post
    SIX rounds now?
    Sounds like they caved to the spray and pray crowd.

    Blood will run in the streets.


    Now I don't have to worry about getting a summons if I load my K31 mag all the way.

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