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    Default Re: Caliber for Suppressed Deer Hunting

    Here are some gel tests of some .458socom rounds, 2 supersonic 1 500gr expanding subsonic.

    The 500gr subsonic tested is the 500gr Subsonic Expanding bullet at 975fps. Penetration was around 33". Ammo and gel pics in link.!/B...egory=14035014

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    Default Re: Caliber for Suppressed Deer Hunting

    I think you would be surprised how quite 308 supersonic rounds can be when using a good can. I do have a 300 blk also, but for deer I would definitely prefer the 308. I think the 300 blk is suitable for deer shooting supersonic ammo out to around 100 yards. If I was building a dedicated rifle for deer I would build a 308 though. It just gives better performance in case you get a longer shot.

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    Default Re: Caliber for Suppressed Deer Hunting

    Quote Originally Posted by aubie515 View Post
    I'm going to have to disagree with those that say that 300BO subsonic is not good. It's all about the bullet that you choose.
    If can's come off the NFA before then I was thinking something like this. Most of my shot have been 50 yards or less so it should not be an issue. I don't see why people seem to think deer are made of steel and have to fire small comets at them.

    That being said, $40+ an box, fuck that noise -this is funny to say but I'll stick with my .35rem it's cheaper.

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