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    Default Re: When did the weaver stance die?

    They were teaching the isosceles stance down in Glynco at least 20 years ago.
    I was trained to use the isosceles several years before that.

    What Justin says is true, if you train well enough, you will revert to your training without thinking while under pressure.
    This is the whole point of training, to make your body's muscle memory react in a predetermined way without thought while under pressure.
    If you need to think about what your doing while under pressure, your response will be delayed, or you may freeze, and you will not be able to defend yourself effectively.

    Unless you shoot for a living and train every day, it is not advisable to alter your infrequent training.
    Inconsistent, infrequent training is much less likely to produce an effective response under pressure.
    Choose one method that works for you, get some training to learn how to practice it correctly, and then practice the muscle memory of that method consistently whenever you train.

    Your shooting stance is only part of the muscle memory that you need to train to be able to defend yourself effectively under pressure.
    Your training should also include drawing your firearm from your holster.
    Choose one firearm, with one holster, carried in one position, and train while wearing your usual clothing, including jackets, ties, coats, and all the usual stuff that you carry (cell phone, wallet, keys, all the stuff that gets in your way and alters how your clothing hangs on your body).
    Training while wearing a comfortable set of clothing that you don't wear on a daily basis, is not going to teach your body the muscle memory that it will need to react effectively if attacked during your typical daily routine.

    Statistically, the average defensive gunfight lasts 1.5 seconds.
    When I was trained, we were required to draw, fire, and hit our close-in target within 1 second.
    If you cannot draw from under your usual clothing, fire, and hit your close-in target within 1 second, then you may be fooling yourself with regard to your true defensive capability while under the pressure of a close-in attack.
    How can you have any cookies if you don't drink your milk?

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    Default Re: When did the weaver stance die?

    And don't miss

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