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    Default Re: When did the weaver stance die?

    Quote Originally Posted by Gunsnwater View Post
    Close your left eye. Find a gun that fits. Use the bead. Keep your right eye open (don't flinch) and call your shot. For us cross dominants the standard how to shoot a shotgun is worthless. Both eyes open, point don't aim. Hogwash for us. If you can not tell why you missed or hit, it becomes a lottery.
    Thanks Guns, that's exactly what I do...

    What I need is more practice, I don't get out enough.

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    Default Re: When did the weaver stance die?

    Quote Originally Posted by JAKIII View Post
    Thanks Guns, that's exactly what I do...

    What I need is more practice, I don't get out enough.
    Browning A5 is the gun that finally fit me. Now when I miss I know it because I wasn't on target. It feels much better than not knowing what was different about the hits and misses. I would see two barrels and try to put the clay between them, like I was using a blow gun. It works for the blow gun but not the shotgun. Shotgun barrels arnt lined up between your eyes like a blow gun.

    Night sights play hell with cross dominant eyes. I see 4 rear dots and two front. With light I don't get this problem. I learned from a great instructor that my need to see the sights was an obstical to night shooting. Learning to trust yourself after the work has been put in, that is a big step.

    I would put follow through right up there with all the other fundamentals. The shot doesn't end with the trigger break. We sometimes pack our bags and go home after the trigger breaks. Mentally. Like hey jobs done.

    It is something to marvel in that to drive a nail, to hit a baseball, to drive a golf ball, throw a dart or shoot a gun. They all require the same attention to the same details.

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    Default Re: When did the weaver stance die?

    I prefer a modified isosceles or modern combat stance. When I first got on the police department is was weaver we were taught. But over the years they adjusted because of rounds striking above the sides of the body armor as mentioned above. In the Marines we shot a modern combat stance which realistically is a combination of the weaver and isosceles. But like anything else situation dictates. I feel that with the boxer stance it let's me use my hips more for engaging multiple targets, point my hips towards the target bending at the knees is more fluid like and the arms follow through. Tank turret engagement is slower, you look like a white guy on the dance floor, and I'm a white guy and that's why I don't dance.

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