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    Default Washington County Tactical Range is accepting 100 more members in 2017

    Washington County Tactical Range near West Alexander, PA is accepting 100 new members and will then close membership for the foreseeable future. Application can be found on our website at:

    Membership prices are $195 for the first year and $97.50 to renew each year. (Active LEOs and Active Military Personnel receive a 10% discount). If you join in February 2017, your membership is good until February 2018. Spouse's and children over 16 are $50 per person. No one under 16 is allowed on property. Members in good standing will always be able to renew each year before new members are allowed to join. Once we receive your payment, we will mail you back a membership packet. There are no required meetings and no required volunteer time at our range.

    10 benefits of becoming a Washington County Tactical Range member:
    1: Access to range 365 days a year from 10:00am to 9:00pm Monday to Saturday and 1:00pm to 9:00pm on Sundays
    2: $10 FFL transfers
    3: 10% off machine gun rental packages
    4: $50 per hour machine gun rentals (we currently have 49 machine guns to choose from) with your ammo. (Does not include belt-feds or Glock 18)
    5: Free use of Breach Door, Range Car to shoot around and out of, 9-hold obstacles, ETargets, and free bowling pins to shoot
    6: Rent 50-yard range for family events $100 per 4-hours, includes grill and picnic tables
    7: Members can bring a non-member once a month to range at no cost
    8: No required meetings or work details
    9: Automatic member of Washington County Archery Range
    10: No limitation on rate of fire or number of rounds in magazines

    We have designed this range for shooters that want to use their AR's, shotguns, and handguns as they were meant to be shot in real-world applications with no limit on number of rounds in magazine or rate of fire, from rapid-fire AR shooting to quick-draw pistol shooting to rifle & pistol transition drills (move and shoot) using paper targets or bowling pins or shooting out of our range car, or even electronic targets capable of timing your shooting down to hundreds of a second.
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