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    Default Laws regarding home ranges in New Cumberland / York county?

    I will be shopping for a home / property in northern or eastern York county. I intend to set up a shooting range there. Are there any laws or local regulations I should be aware of that could impede shooting on my own property there? Or, could you please direct me to any known resources for that information?

    Thank-you kindly and Merry Christmas!

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    Default Re: Laws regarding home ranges in New Cumberland / York county?

    Each township or borough would have their own rules, if the have them at all. Call the local office and ask, or look online. Also understand some of the regional police forces cover multiple locales and may not know (or care) about some of the details of each.

    The northeast corner of York county gets a bit crowded, so it might be tough to find a safe location even if legal. There is a great range up that way, I think it's the west shore sportsmans club.
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    Default Re: Laws regarding home ranges in New Cumberland / York county?

    I live in Southern York Co. No laws about ranges in my township, however the local wildlife conservation officer may give you problems if you shoot during hunting season.

    The township (and neighbors) know that I have a shooting range in my pasture and from time to time I invite small groups of friends and acquaintances over to plink. I built a massive log berm out of timber I cut when fencing in the pasture and it faces a direction where I know for a fact there are no dwellings for at least a mile (and multiple hills in between). I have had a few occasions where somebody complained, but by and large I've been left in peace.

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