I.C.E. Training Company, as part of the new regional Representative Program, announces that Randy Smith will be handling courses in Pennsylvania.

Randy has been an accomplished Law Enforcement and Firearms instructor for many years. He was certified as a Combat Focus Shooting Instructor in 2006 and has recently made the decision to ally with I.C.E. to meet demand for CFS courses in his region. Randy offers training per the schedule on his website and is available to discuss specific courses anywhere in the state, to be conducted by certified instructors including I.C.E. Staff.

I.C.E. has formed the Regional Representative program to help keep up with demand for quality instruction in the Combat Focus Shooting program around the United States. All Regional Representatives are professional instructors and companies that have established a relationship with I.C.E. because of their interest in bringing their clients the most progressive, practical and efficient training programs available. More information is available here.