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I called the sheriffs office and they told me my license to carry was issued on August 22nd.
Today is September the 8th and September the 12th will be 45 days exactly.

Im wondering how long it takes from the issued date for the letter to show up at my house.
its been over 2 weeks since it was issued

Also, can someone tell me what the letter looks like?
Does it have the sheriffs department name on it?
Im guessing it doesnt come through certified mail.

The lady that answered the phone was busy so i didnt want to bother her too much
And i dont want to call back and be annoying so im kinda stuck i have 4 more days untill i call back

She told me if it doesnt arrive by September 12th (45 days) theyll mail me out another one
Are they going to revoke the one i never received? guessing i gotta pay for everything again
unless they just send me a replacement idk how it works
if they have to resend it to me ill ask if theyll send it via certified mail

Im not sure if i missed the envelope or whats going on. i live about a mile away from the sheriffs department

And by Issued she means im allowed to carry once i get my license?
im assuming if i was denied shed say i was denied..

Im a little bit apprehensive about the whole thing
i dont want my ltcf floating around somewhere it shouldnt be

Thanks for your time and answering my questions !
I was browsing through the forum and couldnt really find anything similar to my questions

Thanks again !!!

Ill update when i receive it maybe someone else can use this info

By law they , I believe , must respond in 45 days but the reality is they are overwhelmed with applications. Took me 59 days thru the mail. I friend of mine who applied in Lehigh Co. got his in 5 days via mail.