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My original post was merely to point out that the PAFOA list shows (or showed) Susquehanna County as a "yes" for issuing non-resident licences.

djpup, yes, I do have a NYS concealed carry permit and have had for many years. As a retired Judge I think I am capable of reading and understanding the law. You and I are apparently about the same age and level of "curmudgeonlyness"

Harmony Hermit, Upstate NYS residents are not happy with our gun laws either. If it wasn't for the downstate RINOs we wouldn't have this problem.

My reason for wanting a PA non-resident license is that I frequently drive to Tennessee and, except for Maryland, I would be able to carry the whole way.
I can assure you that many downstate NY residents are unhappy with NY laws, as I am originally from LI.

However I can understand why the residents of Susquehanna are not happy with issuing LTC's to NY er's when NY state will come down heavily on a PA resident caught in NY with a legally owned handgun.

Make a wrong turn into NY or get detoured and you are immediately a felon, that is not right and is reason enough to not issue LTC to NY people who have no interest in PA.

Also our PICS system is not set up to deal with out of state folks who may be felons but not in our system. And there is the matter of paying clerks to process applications, the cost of which is not nearly covered by the licensing fees.

You can travel through PA with your gun as long as you have a license in another state and are just traveling through. PA follows Federal law in this matter, not so much NY.