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    Default Took a visible-carry motorcycle ride through Philly today;

    and nothing happened.

    Got most of my chores done. So with revolver on my hip visibly showing as usual, threw a leg over my Moto Guzzi Griso and went for a joy ride.
    When I pulled out of my driveway I had no idea where I wanted to ride. My usual joy rides are along two lane, twisty, county roads.
    And I usually take I-78 to quickly get out of the Lehigh Valley.

    So I took I-78 east to Easton, caught 611, and headed south along 611.
    But for some stupid reason; I never turned off 611 onto 32, 212, or 412 like I usually do.
    Instead I stayed on 611 all the way into Philly.

    While riding along the Doylestown bypass portion of 611. Several cars and myself passed a Sheriff's car driving in the right lane.
    He immediately pulled out of the right lane and into the left lane right behind me.
    After I completed my passing; near the end of the Doylestown bypass. I moved into the right lane.
    The Sheriff did the same. He stayed right behind me until Almshouse Road; or there abouts.
    I know there is a court house and a county jail around there. So that's probably why he turned off 611.

    After that I stayed on 611 all the way into Philly.
    While riding along Broad Street in North Philly. I got a few stares from fellow motorcycle riders.
    Were they staring at: my Guzzi, my full riding gear in this heat, safety vest, revolver, etc ... ?

    As I got closer to Center City and City Hall. I began to notice police cars and vans.
    From all the stories I've read, heard, and watched. I was preparing for some Philly cop to approach me at every intersection when I stopped for a red light.
    But it never happened.
    In South Philly there was a fender bender at an intersection.
    While maneuvering through the mess; I rode within a couple feet of a couple policemen.
    They didn't even bat an eye.

    I then took 611 to I-76, I-76 to I-476, and got off at exit 18A. (Consohocken ?)
    Made my way over to Norristown, caught 202, took 202 to 73, and 73 to 29.
    Then took 29 all the way home to the Lehigh Valley.

    Not my usual type of joy ride. But still kinda fun.

    Should every visible-carry ride through Philly be this uneventful; or did I just have a lucky day ?

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    Default Re: Took a visible-carry motorcycle ride through Philly today;

    Don't see too many Gooses around. I'd love to find an old 850 cop bike. The Italian Panhead.

    Just ripped all the Italian Magneti-Marelli fuel injection spaghetti out of my 1997 Harley Police Road King. Mamma-mia what a mess. Italian electronics? What were they thinking?
    I don't speak English , I talk American!

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    Default Re: Took a visible-carry motorcycle ride through Philly today;

    here in bucks, no big deal but in Philly,you played the odds and won..simple as that!
    Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others.
    Thomas Jefferson

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