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    Exclamation Wild & Wonderful - Beaver County! :-o

    HERE'S something you don't see every day!

    Two Arrested After Police Seize Arsenal, Fake Officer Uniforms

    Should be interesting to follow the details!


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    Default Re: Wild & Wonderful - Beaver County! :-o

    This isn't had to do people.

    FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Authorities in Beaver County said they arrested two men after finding guns, ammunition and explosives in a home.

    Police in Franklin Township, Beaver County, said the Fire Street home also contained survival gear, body armor, police equipment and false police identification, along with fake U.S. Marine and firefighter uniforms. The home was protected by video and audio surveillance equipment, police said.

    According to court documents, multiple assault-type weapons, handguns, homemade incendiary devices and military-type incendiary devices were found along with black powder, smokeless powder and an "extreme amount" of ammunition.

    Early Sunday morning, Franklin Township officers called in the bomb squad from neighboring Allegheny County to safely contain and clean up the explosives.

    Authorities said more arrests are expected, but they are not commenting on a possible motive for amassing the material.

    Dean Alan Huzinec, 47, who lives in the house, was charged with weapon and drug charges, while Dean Timothy Eakin, 43, was charged with weapons and conspiracy counts. Both were taken to Beaver County Jail in lieu of cash bail.

    Police said both were convicted felons and barred from possessing weapons. According to court documents, Huzinec had been convicted of a felony weapons charge and Eakin of felony drug possession.

    Franklin Police Chief Robert Morrison said his officers stumbled upon the arsenal while performing a "welfare check" on a person staying inside.

    Chief Morrison continued, while there his officer saw a gun, memorized its serial number, then left and learned the weapon was stolen. After obtaining a search warrant, the chief said, multiple officers returned and formally checked out the house.
    Sounds like some mall ninjas to me.

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    Default Re: Wild & Wonderful - Beaver County! :-o

    sad part is, i used to live in beaver falls (beaver county) i hated that freakin county.... police made me tear down my basketball hoop because a neighbor complained about the noise. my mom got a fine, i forget how much exactly. all for little kids, age at the time was 13 my brother was 11, trying to stay out of trouble by playing outside of their house.

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